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What We Offer


We cannot change the outcome
but we can assist you in the journey with
compassion and comfort 

Vigil services, grief support,  volunteer support

Vigil Services

We will arrange to have volunteers sit through the night with your loved one,

so you can go home and get much

needed rest. 

The facility or hospital can arrange coverage, or you can call the vigil coordinator.   

Our volunteers will stay with your loved one, giving them comfort so they're not alone. 

We can also provide volunteers to sit during the day or evening, if you need.

The vigil coordinator can be reached at


Vigil services, grief support,  volunteer support

Grief Support

We provide one on one support, as well as grief support groups twice a year, to anyone in our community

The Grief Support Program is led by experienced facilitators and provides six sessions twice each year to those who are past the first stage of their grief.

Our next Grief Support Group will be coming soon.

Please contact our office at

250-537-2770 or click below

Vigil services, grief support,  volunteer support

Volunteer Services

Volunteers offer their time to visit with individuals in need of someone to talk to about their experiences, share memories, read, and provide a kind presence.

Often it is difficult for individuals to share their feelings, thoughts, and spiritual philosophy with loved ones and friends in light of their situation.

Companion Volunteers offer a confidential and kind-hearted presence where the person lives: home, hospital, or other residence in the community.

Thank you for connecting with me today and giving me peace and better closure.  What a great ending for mom.  I couldn't have asked for a better hospice person to come to Mom, I felt it when you walked in her room.   
The only reason I felt ok leaving her. 

J. Rush

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